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10 Day Transformation Cleanse Berry


10 Day Transformation Cleanse Berry from Platinum

Promotes: transformation, detox, fast, cleanse, weight loss,re-set metabolism,

cutting processed food addiction,

clearer thinking, anti-aging, and general well being.

(This program replaces your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 10 days.)

       10 Day Transformation Cleanse Berry includes:


  • Apothe-Cherry (470 ml) : is rich in nutrients and sources such as Melatonin.
    Supports joints, metabolism and may reversing aging.
  • Hippocrates Power Berry (1065 g) : total nutrition & super foods, Gluten Free!
    It burns fat, supports muscle, support glucose levels, curb cravings.
    The ideal partner in your 10 day transformation.
  • MAP (120 ct): amino pills.
    Aids the protein regulation in your body.
    It supports the recovery of muscles,
    minimizes body fat and keeps tissues firm.
  • Cracked Cell Chlorella (600 ct): super food and natures richest source of chlorophyll.
    This may promote natural detoxification, may break down heavy metals in your body,
    decrease plaque inside your arteries and regulate cholesterol.
  • Ionic Elements (120 ml): aids rapid re hydration and are liquid minerals!
    It contains healthy sodium (natural Himalayan salt), magnesium,
    potassium needs. It also helps with headaches and cramping muscles.
  • Black Walnut Plus (40 Caps): unique combinations of super foods and herbs
    which will help you detox and aids your body to get rid of some parasites.

These products are organic and Non-GMO.

Also included:

  • a Purium Shaker Bottle
  • 10-Day Transformation Gym Bag
  • 10-Day Transformation Tape Measure
  • Easy-to-follow 10 Day Transformation Cleanse Berry Guide
    for your 10 day transformation.

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